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Board and Train 

We understand that not everybody has the time to train their own dog, and for this reason we offer our board and train! Our board and train program is two weeks of all inclusive training. While your dog is with us they will go to stores, parks, outdoor restaurants, we socialize them to any situation you may put them in.This program is customizable, however we do have a traditional program if you have no special request. Our traditional program teaches five commands while getting them off leash🦴Come 🦴Sit 🦴Down 🦴Place 🦴Heel 
This program comes with many extra benefits, Lifetime support, monthly meet ups, ecollar,  Go home bath, a booklet on how to keep your dog going, along with informational videos with instructions, and a 2 week check up! 
We will send you many many updates on how your dog is doing while they are with us, you will be able to see video‘s of their improvement. They will also be pet posted on Facebook, so all of your friends and family can see how wonderful your dog is doing. We do offer multiple Dog discounts, military teachers, first responders, rescue dog. $1,750


Personal lessons

 personal lessons are a great choice for an owner with time to work on their dog. During our one hour long lesson we will work on your goals with your dog. Our lessons can be at parks stores or we can come to you! 
These lessons include all ages, breeds, and size. They are 100% customizable, and you can do as many or as few as you are needing.
Most typical requested LessonsCome, sit, down, place, heel, no jumping, crate training, potty training, we can work with any requested command.$60 per lesson 



We are an in-home-based facility, we limit the number of boarding dogs we allow at a time so they each get their individualized care, and as much attention as possible. We have a large play area inside and outside, and do crate at night. If you’re looking for a facility that treats your dog like their own in the comfort of a house we are definitely your go to place! $45 per night includes pick up and drop off included 



All of our grooming services include pick up and drop off so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. When your dog comes to us for grooming they’ll come back looking fresh as ever. We do have two main packages a bath package, and a full groom package.

Included in the both packages 🐾Pick up and drop off,🐾 Bath 🐾 Brush and Blow out🐾 Trim/sanitary 🐾 Puppy perfume 🐾Paw butter🐾 Nails 🐾 Bandana 
The only differences in our packages are grooming/shave. Prices starts at $45 

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